Vendors at the Fiber Arts Store

With more than 50 artists sell their work at our Fiber Arts Store, there is something here for every shopper. Artists with dedicated booths are profiled below.

Kerry Conway
Knit Comfort and Joy
[email protected]
Kerry knits beautiful hats as well as intricate lace shawls. Many are created from yarns she has purchased from local fiber artists. She also designs and knits intricate fair isle tams made from Hebridean yarn hand dyed in Scotland.
Rosemary Hart and Martha Foster
Honeybunch Workshops
[email protected]
Rosemary and Martha are experts in needle felting and wet felting. They create delightful needle felted animals and wet felted bowls and shawls. They also sell needle felting supplies, roving, locks, and hand spun yarn.
Whitney Schlegel
Marble Hill Farm
[email protected]
Whitney is our very own local shepherdess, with a flock of over 100 heritage Shetland sheep that she raises on her farm in southern Bloomington. From her sheeps’ fleece, she sells roving and yarn in many natural colors as well as hand-dyed yarn from natural plant dyes.
Sue Speichert
The Yarn Painter and Handcrafted Wool
[email protected]
Sue is a die-hard wool junkie who gets high on the fragrance of raw fleece. She offers washed fleece and roving, as well as dyed wool and yarn, and loves to spin wool as well. Where possible, she prefers to offer fiber arts materials and crafts from locally or regionally raised sheep.
Donna Jo Copeland
Breezy Manor
[email protected]
DonnaJo is another of our very own shepherdesses, with a flock of Romney that she raises on her farm in Mooresville. She spins her wool into wonderful yarns, dyes roving with plants grown on her farm, weaves rugs on her century-old loom, and makes beautiful hooked rugs and tapestries.