Pick Up Monks Belt on the Rigid Heddle Loom


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In this one-day workshop, students will learn a pick up technique to weave monk’s belt to create two glass cases. Monk’s belt is an overshot weave. The version for this class is simplified. There are 2 weights of yarn in this project. One yarn will be used for the warp and for the tabby that forms the basis of the fabric. The other yarn will be used for the “pattern” made by floats in the weft. Making these two small projects allows you to experiment with a different and intriguing weave structure. The finished cases require minimal sewing and that may be done by hand. Materials provided by student.

Wednesday, February 21, 10 am to 4 pm
$60 BSWG member, $90 non-BSWG member (includes guild membership)
Level: Intermediate. Previous weaving experience required.
Class size 1 to 6 students.



BSWG Member, Non-BSWG Member


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