Supplemental Weft on the Rigid Heddle Loom


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In this one-day class, students learn how to use a supplemental weft on the rigid heddle loom to make inserts for holiday cards. This is an easy pickup weave. It gives a nice texture to the plain-weave background. You will weave several inserts for holiday cards.

Students will need a loom at least 10-inches wide, a 7.5-dent or 8-dent heddle and a pickup stick. Warp and weft will be one neutral color of DK-weight yarn. Students may warp the loom before the workshop. The supplemental weft will be various colors, weights or textures. Bring whatever appeals to you.

The warp will require 56 ends that are 1.5 yards (54 inches) long.

Additional materials and tools needed are
Tape measure, scissors, yarn needle
Sleying (Threading) Hook

Wednesday, September 18
10 am to 4 pm
$50 member
$80 non-member (includes one-year BSWG membership)


BSWG Member, Non-BSWG Member


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