Spinning Silk, Flax and Cotton with Nelly DeVault


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In this three-hour class, students explore the wonderful world of natural fibers! Wool is a great place to start your spinning journey, but there are other fibers out there. Silk makes a lustrous, lightweight, thermal addition to any blend, or can be used on its own to make a truly luxurious fabric. Flax, spun into linen, is an experience you will remember. It used to be grown in every garden, and was the raw material of all households . . . linens! And cotton is the workhorse of the natural fiber world. It is lightweight, absorbent and great for those with sensitive skin, either to work with or to wear.

[This class will be an introduction to these three fibers and will require a certain degree of mastery to be able to participate. You should be comfortable with your wheel, and able to spin a single with confidence to be able to enjoy this class.]

$10 materials fee to be paid on day of class

Saturday, March, 30, noon to 3 pm
$75 for BSWG member
$105 for non-BSWG member (includes 2023-2024 membership)
Level: Intermediate (some experience required)
Materials: Fiber provided by instructor 

Class Size: 3 to 8 students


BSWG Member, Non-BSWG Member


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